What Is This V2V Communication Technology, Which Bosch Is Building For Motorcycles?

The technology advancement in the automobile isn’t new for us; every day can be assumed as an opportunity towards development. From the autonomous cars to electric batteries, every part has been transformed into its next generation version owing to the drastically changing trends of the automotive market.

What Is This V2V Communication Technology, Which Bosch Is Building For Motorcycles?

The prime focus of the auto manufacturers and their vendors is to make traveling memorable and safe. And with the effect to it, Bosch has revealed its unique prototype V2V system, which means vehicle-to-vehicle communication system. This mechanism will work as a protection shield for the vehicles in digital form. Bosch claims that after the implementation of this technology it can prevent about one-third of all the accidents that involve motorcycles.

V2V technology enables the vehicles to transmit important information to each other. For now, every new Cadillac CTS sedan is integrated with this advanced system. The passengers in the CTS can communicate with each other within the radius of 1,000 Feet. If in any condition, a car comes across a dangerous situation where hard braking is essential, the system can convey the information to the other drivers so that they are aware of the situation.

In terms of motorcyclists, the V2V technology will be very beneficial for them as they face a huge issue of visibility. There are number of accidents caused due to the driver failing to see the motorcycle. The V2V system fitted on the two-wheelers that communicate with the other cars, which are equipped with V2V systems, notifies about the situations.

We know a curiosity-based silly question arises: how would a motorcyclist convey his information? Right? The solution is that rider can talk through in-helmet headset most probably via Bluetooth. Considering the fact that the motorcycle rider feels it isn’t too cool to wear a helmet while driving, this technology is totally inapplicable for those.

Bosch has used an ITS G5—a public wireless local area network standard—for connecting the V2V system, which means that the system can interact with various types of existing as well as future-based V2V systems that won’t be limited to Bosch systems.

With this new technology, the chances of accidents might get reduced to some extent but the system comes with loads of situational limitation, which needs to be worked.


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