Voice hacking can be stopped using smartphone’s compass

Utilizing the tools that are already present in smartphones, counting the compass as well, scientists are designing an app to end voice imposture attacks that are machine-based on voice-based smartphone apps such as WeChat and Siri.

With merely a few minutes of audio mock-ups, hackers can rerun your voice persuasively sufficient to trick top digital security systems as well as individuals.

The results, from mimicking you with your friends to hacking into your bank account, are frightening.

“We cannot make a decision if voice verification will be persistent in the coming period. It can be. We are already witnessing the elevating cases,” said one of the study’s lead authors and Kui Ren, Professor at University of Buffalo in New York.

“And if that is the condition, we have to protect against attacks of voice replay. Or else, voice verification will not be safe,” Ren claimed.

Attacks on voice recognition can come in different types. Attacks can synthesize your voice, but these are noticeable by current algorithms. A human can reproduce your voice, but again, current technology can recognize this.

A 3rd method is rerunning actual voice of someone, and here is where the innovative discovery comes into picture.

Any rerun must have transmitted on a speaker, and speakers are linked with magnetic fields.

Ren’s technology, projected to be showcased on Distributed Computing Systems at the 37th International Conference in Atlanta, employs the magnetometer present in a smartphone, which is used by the smartphone’s compass, to recognize or sense a magnetic field.

In addition to this, the technology utilizes the trajectory plotting algorithm of smartphone to calculate the distance amid the phone and the speaker. When a repeated voice is shifted, the magnetic field is altered and the smartphone can sense this. The research squad projects to filter the system and soon make it installable as an app.

For now, people have to wait a little as it might take some time for the system to become commercial and downloadable as an app. Till then, we request people to stay put and stay strong, for the technology will soon hit the market.

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