Alstom to grow headcount of engineering center by 700

Having its engineering center in Bengaluru, Alstom, the French multinational company, is preparing to develop not only in terms of contribution to the worldwide operations but also in headcount. The center, the largest engineering hub of the company all over the world, designs solutions and products for India as well as the remaining part of the world.

“We are going to rise up the Bengaluru center’s headcount by minimum 700 in 2017,” Senior Vice President of Alstom Asia Pacific, Jean-Francois Beaudoin, told the media in a statement. “Most of our expansion in terms of headcount is arriving from up-and-coming areas, most specifically from the Asia-Pacific (APAC) area, and India is amongst the most talented transport markets in Asia-Pacific.”

Almost half of the work of the center is for global projects, which is anticipated to rise to 60% by the end of the year, Beaudoin claimed to the media in a statement.

The center is busy in manufacturing and designing for the Lucknow Metro, Kochi Metro, and Chennai Metro, amongst other local projects. Almost 3,000 of Alstom’s 4,300 employees in Asia-Pacific region are from India. Out of these, 2,000 works in the engineering center and the rest are dispersed across the support functions and manufacturing facilities.

Alstom is looking to improve assortment at the center in line with its international objectives. Women contribute for 13% of the headcount at the center, against the 17% in the entire Asia-Pacific are. The company is looking to augment this to 15–20% in India in the coming 2 Years, to shift towards the worldwide aim of having 25% women in its employees. “Our employees must be representative of the people who utilize our goods, and we have standard discussions with workers to converse about enhancements to lead diversity efforts,” Beaudoin claimed to the media in a statement.

The firm has rolled out a childcare hub at the Bengaluru workplace along with suppleness in working time. It will also be rolling out part-time work choices in the coming 6 Months to block any leaks in the talent pipeline resulted by women exiting the labor force for personal reasons.

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