Android now has Google’s Motion Stills app

Androids are currently being used in large numbers among the individuals across the globe hence, the moment new technologies or apps come up in the iOS they are launched in the Androids as well. Motion Stills is expected to be available for all the Android users using the v5.1 and above versions. The app has been made available for the Android almost after a year of its launch.

Motion Stills app lets the users take two sorts of shots. The first of which is the creation of a looping GIFs in spite of the shakes. The second one is the Fast Forward that allows the users to convert long videos into a short clip, which is a fast forward version. This short clip makes the sharing of the videos easier and faster. The whole recording experience will change into a enjoyable process by converting the captured videos into short clips that are easy to watch and share.

The Fast Forward option help condense the recording and a single tap as in case of the photo clicking help capture a short and stable Motion Still. For the creation of Motion Stills, the company has designed an algorithm that can help figure out and store the important stabilizing transformation in the form of a small texture map. The stabilizing process is carried out using the GPU in real time. The use of this method avoids adding on a pressure to the mobile battery and hardware. It is almost like scripting a new stabilized video. The final GIFs created is not only easy to watch but also can be shared using the social media.

In case of the Fast Forward mode, the videos are shortened for up to a minute and also the user is given an option of choosing between the playback speed between 1x and 8x. The app is encoded with a denser I-frame spacing that will make efficient seeking and playback possible. The app can function without the Internet connection and it also has an algorithm programmed in it so as to protect against the accidental camera shakes or pocket shots.

The Android users will surely enjoy exploring the Motion Stills app.

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