Australia ready to build a large lithium ion battery

Australia has loads of plans this year. The country is planning to establish a very large lithium ion battery. The companies Tesla and Neoen are planning to develop the world’s largest lithium ion battery. The lithium ion battery and electric car development companies have taken up the initiative of coming up with a solution for the electricity shortage or cut down in Australia. The reason for developing such a large battery is to avoid the situation of blacking out of the state in the near future.

According to the officials of Tesla, the company will build the battery within 100 Days and protect South Australia from the electricity crisis. The battery will have a power of about 100 Megawatt. Looking at the massive power, the installation of the battery is kind of risky. The battery is designed such that it will provide power to the state at the time of emergencies and also operate around the clock. Currently, South Australia is a state that has to deal with a lot of storms and bad weather. Hence, the cut down of electricity is a common scenario.

This battery can turn around the pricing tag as well as stabilize the state’s network. It will bring about a total change in the renewable energy storage technique in South Australia. The procedure for the battery development will begin once the electricity grid interconnection agreement is sorted out.

In order help people get out of the black out after a stormy day, the government has decided on encouraging Tesla to expand its battery business in the coming years. Next biggest battery that Tesla is planning to develop is a 30 Megawatts battery.

As a solution for the spat that has started between the government and the electricity operators, the companies have planned to bring about a change in the way the energy policies are handled as well as boosting the use of renewable energy in the state.

So let’s hope the large lithium ion battery helps South Australia stay out of the black in the coming months. Go the green way to save the people and the environment.


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