Enhance the Quality Of Life of Dementia Patients with This New App

People suffering from dementia experience several problems as they find it difficult to remember things. This eventually hampers their quality of life. With an intention to help people with dementia live a better life, researchers at University of Stirling, UK, have designed a first-of-its-kind app. This app is capable of digitally evaluating how appropriate a care facility, residence, or any other surrounding is for an individual with dementia.

Enhance the Quality Of Life of Dementia Patients with This New App

IRIDIS, the dementia database, will carry out a simple evaluation of an individual’s home and suggest transforms that can be done to the building, including color contrast, noise, and lighting. The app will concentrate on physical facets of design which influence the quality of life of the older people and their potential to live more without requiring help from others. Individuals with dementia, healthcare professionals, family members, designers, or construction experts using the app will be asked over to take images and reply to questions regarding their surroundings.

To evaluate the appropriateness of a 2-bedroom residence for an older person with the use of the app will just require 20 minutes. On International Alzheimer’s Day, that is, on September 21, the app will be made accessible for download. The improvements recommended by the app will range from simple to complex ones, for instance, from changing a light bulb to reconfiguring bathrooms.

Chief Architect Dementia Services Development Centre (DSDC) of Stirling, Lesley Palmer, said, “This is an exclusive chance to revolutionize how we enhance the day-to-day life of elderly people and individuals with dementia across the globe. We are developing an easy method for anyone to analyze how dementia-friendly their surroundings is, and find out how to make their surroundings better.”

Director at Space Architects, Stephen Brooks, said, “Earlier dementia design application platforms have concentrated completely on the broadcasting of data, as contrasting to exploiting the opportunity to gather information and find a 2-way channels of interaction between the designer, researcher, and the end user.” Space Architects partnered with DSDC scientists in the app development.

Design modification information gathered from the app will enable the IRIDIS to constantly update the app and enhance outcomes for future users.

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