Facebook’s solar-powered drone to become a huge success

Facebook has got a number of users connected to the Internet through it. And in order to make it possible for the thousands of people living in the remote areas to access the Internet, Facebook has developed a drone. Facebook has named the drone “Aquila.” This solar energy-powered drone is kind of making the Internet accessible to the people through a renewable way.

It was first developed by Facebook in 2016 and was declared by them as a success. But in the real sense, the drone had actually faced a crash landing, which was later discovered by National Transportation Safety Board. Facebook also revealed the truth that the drone had crashed due to some flight complications. However, this time around the social media giant has brought about a huge variation in the drone such as its drag has been increased and the lift as been reduced for a smooth landing. Additionally, the autopilot software has been updated and the craft has been designed in a modified and smoother finish pattern.

In the first test conducted this year, Aquila flew for about just 1 Hour 46 Minutes in the Arizona region. And due to autopilot and heavy wind complications, it crash landed later. Later this year in May, the drone took a flight of about 3000 ft instead of the 60000 ft goal, which the social media giant had planned for.

Speaking of full area coverage, the drone has to fly some more feet above so as to be able to communicate with social media as well as stay in the air for months together. Thus, looking at the drone flight, it seems to be a perfect success. In order to make the success public, Facebook has already posted its drone’s flight video on the blog.

The Boeing 737 wingspan replica drone is a dream the social media wants to conquer in the coming months so as to help the world stay connected. Thus, in spite of minor crashes and repairable changes, Facebook seems adamant to launch its drone into the market. By the introduction of the drones the Internet will not only become accessible to the millions of users but also the number of Facebook users will be doubled.

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