What Indians Expect From PM Narendra Modi on H-1B Visa

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, must raise the controversial H-1B visa problem apart from terrorism and defense cooperation during his initial two-sided meeting with Donald Trump, the U.S. President, staff of the Indian community claimed here last week.

Modi, who came in the U.S. capital this week, was greeted with loud applause and cheers by a bunch of individuals from the Indian society that was waiting for him to catch a glance of the Indian veteran outside the Willard InterContinental Hotel.

What Indians Expect From PM Narendra Modi on H-1B Visa

Among those people who were waiting to catch a glance of Modi was Mridula, initially from Hyderabad, and now earning on an H1B visa in New York.

She and her friends, evidently thrilled to see Modi, stated that they expected the Indian Prime Minister would rise with concerns of Trump over the H1B visas, extensively used by Indian tech firms to send IT professionals here.

“We expect that the result on this problem is on the sides of Indians and simultaneously does not fury Americans as well. It is frightening when we hear statements of attacks in the U.S. against Indians,” she claimed.

“Modi is a very influential leader and I am certain something very optimistic is going to come out of his meeting with Trump on the H-1B visa,” she said.

Another H1B visa holder, Avinash Bilugu who is working in Albany, repeated the apprehensions regarding the work visas.

“This is a huge problem for us. I hope Modi takes up this issue in his congregation with Trump. Security and defense are additional vital problems that the 2 leaders might discuss, he claimed.

Chair of the fundraiser group of Overseas Friends of BJP, Aatma Singh, posted cyber crime and terrorism as main problems for the two-sided talks.

On H-1B visas, he claimed, the IT marketplace in the U.S. will be unfinished without the hard work and contribution of the Indian employees.

“The U.S. and India share ancient bonds and the conference between Trump and Modi will lay the foundations for additional strengthening of two-sided relations in the upcoming decades and years,” he said.

Let us hope for the best!!!

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