New Smartphone App Can Alert Sleepy Drivers

Researchers have designed a new smartphone app that can warn a car driver if they are feeling sleepy, an enhancement that might assist prevent deadly accidents owing to tiredness driving.

The new method adopts a real-time video of smartphone to analyze and track the facial texture of a driver, specifically the alterations in his head and eyelids position, which are well-known exhaustion symptoms.

New Smartphone App Can Alert Sleepy Drivers

With the app set up in a smartphone, a driver merely has to place it with the front camera facing him near the steering wheel in his standard driving position.

When the camera takes features like drowsiness, drooping eyelids, or even nodding off, an alarm is robotically triggered. To make sure that the driver is waked up, the driver has to put the alarm off either by hand or by voice.

The approach, designed in China by Hong Kong Baptist University, needs only a smartphone with no any extra sensors or devices.

It is simple to operate, cost-effective, detects accurately, portable, supports online system updates, and is highly reliable.

As the system can trigger the back camera of the smartphone, it can also be used as a standard driving system for recording, as employed by most of the drivers nowadays.

“The outcome of fatigue driving should not be undervalued,” claimed Professor Cheung Yiu-ming from Hong Kong Baptist University.

The new system is appropriate for all drivers, but particularly for machinery workers and qualified drivers who have extended working shifts.

Yiu-ming further added that the system may also attract firms with an automobile fleet, or insurance firms.

Fatigue-driving recognition systems are presently set up only in a small number of magnificence models provided by car producers.

Those systems need extra sensors and devices set up in a vehicle, making them expensive, non-portable, and hard to fit in the system upgrades, hence are not helpful to standard drivers.

In a nutshell, the new app developed buy the Hong Kong Baptist University will soon be commercial to help the drivers. This will in return help to increase the safety of drivers and reduce the risk of accidents caused by tiredness driving.

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