Night Mode Feature added to WhatsApp for iPhone for better images

WhatsApp is one of the widely used messaging apps with a user base of 1.2 Billion across the world, of which 200 Million is from India. It is liked for its minimalism and non-intrusive user interface. Nevertheless, one part where this minimalism doesn’t work in favor of WhatsApp is the camera, which is somewhat basic in comparison to opponent apps. But we still have a scope as WhatsApp seems to be fixing the problem via a new update. The new update will add a new shooting mode for superior images in the dark.

Dubbed as “Night Mode,” the new feature is developed to provide images in low light settings. The user has to hit on the crescent moon icon present of the top-right corner, adjacent to the flash toggle in the in-app camera, to turn on the Night Mode. When the user taps on the crescent moon icon, it will activate the feature and the clicked image will be brighter than the previous version.

Remarkably, the icon for Night Mode emerges by default only when low light settings are detected by the camera sensor, and not otherwise. By default, it is inactive when it appears; the user needs to tap on it to activate it. The icon color is changed to yellow to signify that Night Mode is turned on. The new feature is applied only to the photos; no such feature is noticed in video mode.

For the time being, the Night Mode feature is accessible only on the newest WhatsApp version for iPhone and is not yet accessible on Android, not even beta. Nothing is said about when this feature will be introduced to Android. On contrary, opponent apps already provide in-app filters and more features to make videos and photos more fun.

Apart from this, WhatsApp has introduced several features for iPhones and Android smartphones. The slew of features includes native emoji search function, a new call screen user interface, and photo bundling made available for Android on WhatsApp beta, whereas video streaming option was rolled out for iPhones. Obviously, the most keenly foreseen new feature for WhatsApp is “unsend” that permits the user with the potential of recalling sent messages within a particular time period.

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