Now assess employee productivity with Microsoft’s Workplace Analytics Tool for Office 365

In most businesses, it can be a bit difficult to measure the productivity of an employee. Particularly, with employees that can be spread out in numerous sites, or a workforce that is hardly at the office. However, productivity is the factor that concern several managers. But now businesses have an option to analyze the productivity of their employees with the new tool released by Microsoft.

Yes, the Workplace Analytics by Microsoft is a new organizational analytics solution that is accessible as an addition to any Office 365 enterprise plan. The add-on Workplace Analytics provides “behavioral insights” that can be utilized to enhance productivity, employee engagement, and workforce effectiveness.

Workplace Analytics’ General Manager, Ryan Fuller, explained that the service initiates by looking into Office 365 calendar and email metadata, including from/to data, timestamps, and subject lines to provide an insight on how the organization functions. He further said, “It changes this digital exhaust—the details that come naturally from our routine work—into a bunch of behavioral metrics that can be utilized to comprehend what is going on in a business.”

For its enterprise customers, the company strains that it permitted Workplace Analytics with inbuilt privacy and conformance abilities. This means that Office 365 enterprise users can choose how to apply insights produced by Workplace Analytics. Fuller added, “Workplace Analytics only pulls metadata that is de-identified and aggregated.”

One among the Fortune 500 enterprises utilized Workplace Analytics to recognize collaborative patterns of best performers, and then mark down the behavior to wider employees, which according to Microsoft, brought about a “noteworthy rise in sales.” Director at Microsoft Office 365, Alym Rayani, said, “Even when you have computable results, behaviors and inputs are not always properly comprehended. It is essential to recognize what is “good”. It is even tougher to pinpoint the primary behaviors that will bring that employee satisfaction.”

Rayani says the study has revealed that growing employee engagement and productivity is going to be a primacy for enterprises moving forward. That needs data and insight, specifically what he says the tool has been intended to offer.

So, if your business depends on Microsoft’s services then it is possible that your manager could soon be tracing your activities at the office with its new program.

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