Personalize music as per your tastes with Google’s “New Release Radio”

Most of the people like listening music and there are many music streaming services available at present. And currently, Spotify is witnessed to dominate the market when considered its influential playlist selections. And quickly the suit is followed by the competitors, including Google Play Music and Apple Music. Now, the former is launching “New Release Radio” its own curated mix, which it claims to be created with an eye toward the tastes of individual listener.

Initially, the feature was tested by the company via its global association with Samsung, declared in April. At that point, Google became the default service and music player on new Samsung tablets and phones, after the closure of Milk Music of Samsung in the United States. As per Google, it was capable of collecting opinion from the Samsung users via an early access program, and is now will be rolling out to all Google Play Music users the New Release Radio.

The personalized mix itself is developed to display dandiya songs that are released newly from artists you like, or that Google considers you may like. Machine learning technology is used by the stations to choose albums and single releases from preceding 2 weeks on the basis of user’s Google Play Music listening history and also their wider musical preferences.

In today’s streaming music competition, the potential to customize as per the likes of a user is a competitive benefit and this is where Spotify has excelled. The Discover Weekly playlist of Spotify assisted in distinguishing the service early, rising to around 40 Million listeners since the previous year. It then exploited on that drive to launch even more tailored products, comprising its own Release Radar of recommended new releases the user may like in the last summer and Daily Mix, a mixture of recommendations & favorite tracks, which released last fall.

Even Apple Music has launched its variant on this theme with tailored playlists such as “My Favorites Mix” & “My New Music Mix” and more lately, a playlist to “Chill” to. At present, the New Release Radio of Google will be accessible to free radio listeners and paying subscribers as well and will be frequently upgraded with the newest releases.

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