Q4 profit of Qualcomm forecast disappoints as Apple fight takes charge

Qualcomm predicted profit for quarter four below the estimates of analysts since the escalating patent battle of the company with Apple carries on to take a levy on its licensing venture. Stakes of the firm were dropped at $55.40 by 2.3% last week.

The chip manufacturer also reported a sharp drop in profit for quarter three as contract manufacturers of Apple suspended royalties that they were anticipated to reimburse to Qualcomm. The iPhone manufacturer took legal action against Qualcomm previously this year, condemning it of overpricing for chips. Apple also asked its agreement manufacturers to hold back payments of license from the company while the argument played out.

“We think that we grip the high ground regarding the argument with Apple,” Steve Mollenkopf, Chief Executive, Qualcomm said to the media in a statement. Prediction of Qualcomm adjusted profit to 85 Cents from 75 Cents for each share and income to $6.2 Billion from $5.4 Billion for the present quarter. The company claimed that the prediction debarred licensing income associated to the trade of Apple goods by contract makers as well as the other unidentified licensee in the argument.

Experts were anticipating adjusted revenue of $5.48 Billion and profit of 90 Cents per share, as per the media. “Forecast is pretty sturdy on the revenue end. The chip commerce seems to be good, particularly in China, where it is turning out to be pretty good for Chinese makers,” claimed Dave Heger, the analyst at Edward Jones, to the media.

Income from its Qualcomm CDMA Technologies (QCT) department, which compromises its chip trade, lifted to $4.05 Billion by 5%. On the other hand, income from its licensing trade fell to $1.17 Billion by 42.5%. Qualcomm did not provide any metrics related to device trades owing to the argument with contract manufacturers of Apple and the other licensee.


Net revenue attributable to the firm fell by 58% in share to $866 Million, in the quarter three concluded on June 25, 2017 from 97% per share to $1.44 Billion, a year ago. Revenue dropped to $5.4 Billion by 11.1%. The company profited 83% for each share.

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