Shopping For A Netflix-Ready TV? Here Are Your Options

Gone are the days of renting VHS and DVD, thanks to the existence of streaming services. With the mere mention of the word streaming, Netflix immediately comes to every person’s mind. Watching movies has reached a whole new level because of this leading streaming service.

From your favorite TV shows, the latest movies, to the hottest new series, Netflix gives you the power to stream across devices without having to leave your homes. It has given birth to the term binge-watching. You just need to get a monthly subscription, and you immediately get access to a wide selection of series and movie collections.

Indeed, Netflix has become every person’s favorite streaming service. If you are reading this, then you most likely already have a Netflix subscription or are planning to get one (check out for Netflix pricing breakdown).

While Netflix can be viewed from different devices, nothing compares to watching your favorite movies on a wide-screen TV. If you have an old smart TV model, then you can simply download the app with the use of your TV box (try checking out the Amlogic S905X TV Box However, if you get the latest smart TV model, you should expect that it is already integrated with Netflix. You need not add another device anymore.

Netflix-Ready TV

If you have plans of getting a new Netflix-ready smart TV, you should only consider getting Netflix recommended TVs. These TVs come with the Netflix Recommended TV logo. This tells you that they have passed a rigid evaluation process. For smart TVs to acquire the 2017 Netflix Recommended TV logo, they should meet a minimum of 5 of the following 7 criteria.

  1. TV Instant On: Just like your smartphone, your TV should immediately turn on, and its apps should be ready for use instantly.
  2. Fast App Launch: Whether you are using a number of apps or are just turning on your TV, the Netflix app should always launch swiftly.
  3. Netflix Button: Your smart TV control must come with a Netflix button. With just a click of this button, your smart TV should immediately turn on and automatically launch the Netflix app.
  4. Easy Netflix Icon Access: The Netflix app must be easily accessible with your smart TV menu.
  5. TV Resume: Your smart TV should be able to pick up where it left off.
  6. High-resolution Netflix Interface: The Netflix interface must be viewed with 1080p resolution. This simply means that they should have clearer images as well as crisper text.
  7. Latest Netflix Version: Your smart TV must be updated with the latest Netflix version along with its recent features.

So, what are your options when shopping for Netflix recommended TVs? Here’s some of the latest models from different smart TV brands that are part of the 2017 Netflix Recommended TVs (for a complete list, please check

  1. For LG smart TVs, they should be 2017 4K UHD TVs that come with WebOS 3.5. Below are some of the TVs that they offer:
    • UJ6300 series: These TVs come with 43-, 49-, 55-, 60-, and 65-inch screen sizes. Besides their WebOS 3.5 platform, they come with active HDR, HDR effect, and ultra-surround sound features.
    • UJ6500 series: These TVs have more or less the same features as the UJ6300 series; however, they only come with two larger screen sizes: 70 and 75 inches. In addition, they come with Ultra Luminance Technology that boosts display brightness.
    • UJ7700 series: These TVs are offered in 49-, 55-, 60-, and 65-inch screen sizes. They come with an Active HDR with Dolby Vision, minimal bezel design, and a magic remote.
    • SJ8500 series: These TVs come in 55-, 60-, 65-, and 75-inch screen sizes. They come with a crescent-shaped stand and have a frame-less design. They are equipped with advanced local dimming technology that works best with deep black levels.
  1. For Samsung smart TVs, they should be 2017 4K UHD and QLED TVs. Here’s one of their latest and most noteworthy smart TV as of today:
    • Q series: These TVs are available in three models namely, Q7, Q8, and Q9. They come with improved color reproduction. Basically, they can showcase all colors at any level of brightness. This is possible because of their new metal material as well as their quantum dot nanocrystals. They also come with clear-colored invisible connection cables that are recommended for people who want to conceal their TV cables (for more details check out
  1. For Sony smart TVs, all 2017 Sony Android TVs are good enough such as:
    • X850E series: These TVs come in 65- and 75-inch variants. They come with a new chip that offers HDR Pro Remastering feature to get an HDR feel out of any non-HDR content. They also come with Super Bit Mapping feature that offers smoother color gradations.
    • X940E series: These TVs are only available in 75-inch screen size. They offer ten times the contrast that typical LED/LCD TVs have with their edge-lighting system namely Slim Backlight Drive +. They also come with a fully-equipped backlight system that works well with HDR gaming and TV and movie playback.

Whatever Netflix-ready smart TV you choose, just make sure that you have carefully considered your budget, not sacrificing the features that you specifically want out of smart TVs. This way, you will have the best streaming experience while binge-watching Netflix shows and movies.

Happy TV shopping!

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