Travel search engine with emojis launched

Kayak, one of the well-known travel search engines, has launched an innovative and informative search engine for the travelers so as to let them have a look at their destination by using the emojis. The emojis are used by the public so as to express the situation they are in or what they feel. Currently, in this search engine there are emojis that represent the destination, for instance, Toronto is presented by a maple leaf, New York City by Statue of Liberty, Tokyo by Sushi, and Las Vegas has a slot machine as a representation.

Kayak’s new feature is surely going to help the travelers experience have an altogether different way of looking at their destination. The matching of the emojis to the cities is not only helpful to the travelers in terms of hooking up on a destination site but also lets them know what’s so special about the city. However, these are not the only emojis made available. There are a number of others present as well but they are slightly controversial.

Here comes a question: which city can be represented using beer, pizza, tofu, baseball, cricket, and many others? Confusing, right? What can be done in this case? The company has come up with a new idea of inviting travelers to vote and decide the further 15 emoji–city combination. In this combination, the surfing, unicorns, skiing, tacos, and hockey are included.

After the voting, Kayak has got cities including Denver, Munich, Milwaukee, and Dublin matching to the beer emoji while in case of pizza the cities Chicago, Naples, and New Haven may be the correct option. The combination list is endless and the finalization is getting tougher. What about the animal unicorn? The cities including Glasgow, Reykjavik, Seattle, and San Francisco are used as a combination for the unicorn emoji. The results of the emoji–city combination will be declared on July 17, 2017, which is actually celebrated as the World Emoji Day.

There’s an extra bonanza for the travelers who are always posting their trip details in the form of photos or posts on Facebook and Instagram. The company has developed a new Travelmoji app that has about 100 travel-themed emojis for the vacations on the beaches or in the cities.

Download the app and have a superb experience ahead.

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