The U.K. schools ban smartwatches and Fitbit

Currently, the trend of staying slim and trim is what the youngsters are looking at. According to the youngsters, especially the girls, being skinny is beautiful. However, they do not realize the consequences that follow it. The girls in the U.K. schools are missing their lunches so as to meet their exercise target and also keep a count of the calorie intake. Hence, the U.K. academic professionals have thought of taking the matter seriously and keep a watch on the students.

The basic cause of the youngsters getting health conscious is due to the health tracking device including smartwatches and Fitbit. These health monitoring devices are supposed to be creating a bad influence on the teenagers, who are so obsessed with their body that body image is all that matters to them. Schools like Stroud High School in the U.K. have already taken the matter seriously and have banned the students from getting such monitoring devices to school.

In addition to this, the overuse of the mobile phones is also another task the school is looking forward to tackle. The mental health of the teenagers is highly impacted due to the introduction of such advanced technologies. The use of phones when in the school premises will be outlawed from the beginning of September 2017. There is also a problem of self-esteem that arises among the students due to the comparison with others.

The teenagers use to keep a track on their exercise routine which if not completed then they prefer skipping their meals. Hence, this concept that has crept up into the minds of the individuals is not good for their health in the long run. The school basically wants the girls to get the obsession over the body type out and remain fit and fine all their life as they are young women.

The ban on the health monitoring devices and the smartphones will help the students be more comfortable with their body and also have a face-to-face communication more often. According to the parents, the ban by the schools in the U.K is a very good and necessary step taken.

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