Videocon Telecom to Extend Its Broadband Business

Videocon Telecom ended its mobile services functions in the Punjab circle in 2017, and will now be aiming on developing its FTTH and broadband business, which has been Videocon Telecom to expand broadband business operating in Haryana, Punjab, and Himachal Pradesh. The firm will also be endeavoring into new business lines, which comprise smartphone accessories, CCTV cameras, Mobile VAS, and smart solutions.

The firm also strategies to add more 15% fiber this year additionally to its current 6000 km fiber in Punjab circle and targets to elevate its income from share in the market by more 4% by end of 2020.

Videocon Telecom to Extend Its Broadband Business

Videocon Telecom in a statement to media claimed that it is going to offer consolidated top line income of Rs 1658 Crore in the present fiscal year 2017–2018 from its upcoming and current, newly setup business lines.

“In 2013, when we re-obtained the spectrum, at that time the difficulties were rising and contest was rising and turning worse and we have to be a tad bit cautious about it. We commenced looking for non-spectrum business since purchasing more spectrum was a dispute and we believed that it might be better to go into non-spectrum industry,” told CEO of Videocon Telecom, Arvind Bali, in an interaction with the media.

The company commenced operating on the new business lines 3 years ago with the chance for being EBITDA positive and the aim of discovering businesses with tiny capex needs from the very start.

“We have got people, technology, knowledge, but spectrum is that factor which we cannot afford hence we began operating on fresh business lines. The fresh business lines are going to provide us superior future,” added Bali.

The firm has endeavored into smart solutions as a fraction of which it will be offering complete Internet and telephony solutions to customers and SMEs. Videocon Telecom strategies to develop this vertical further by inserting 2–3 other lines into it on the basis of digital marketing, geo-fencing, and chatbots. “In the coming 2 years, we will be 3rd largest in this industry amongst the best 3 majors in the nation,” claimed Bali.

Videocon Telecom has also raided into surveillance and security vertical, which comprises boom barriers, CCTV cameras, integrated solutions related to security, and other smart security solutions. The company is also doing joint-ventures in this industry and will be rolling its own brand of CCTV camera by the end of June 2017.

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