America Movil Details Disagreement in Telecom Dispute

America Movil, billionaire Carlos Slim’s company, quarreled last week in opposition to rules rolled by a revamp of the telecommunications market of the country. The company claimed this in a statement adding that they were not fair and had led to a failure of its business rights.

America Movil Details Disagreement in Telecom DisputeIn the new chapter in a brawl that could change the future of rivalry in the industry, the supreme court is thinking whether to unwrap parts of a revamp. This is the same revamp that twisted the playing field in opposition to Slim’s long-ruling America Movil and resulted to sharp declines in costs that Mexicans pay for Internet access and cell phone service.

Slim’s legal representatives quarreled that unfair irregular policies ban America Movil from billing other telephone carriers for linking their calls made to users on its system, but let those firms bill America Movil for linking its calls to their users.

The supposed zero tax imposed to Slim’s firm has damaged the authority of the regulator IFT of the sector as well as the rights of Telcel and Telmex, units of America Movil, below past allowances granted by the government to them, the statement claimed.

The company claimed that it has been damaged by the removal of its rights to economic stability, rights to cost recovery, and rights to financial balance granted by the allowances. Irregular rules does not denote free,” the firm claimed in the a statement. America Movil embraces more than 2/3rd of mobile subscriptions of Mexico.

The revamp of this landmark telecommunication was the main political victory for Enrique Pena Nieto, the President of Mexico, and from the start was developed to check in America Movil and assist smaller firms in the market. The Supreme Court has not uttered a word as to when it can rule on the case.

For now, the fate of America Movil lies solely on the court. For now, the situation seems to be worse for the company. Let us wait and watch as to what judgment the court will rule out in this case. What do you think friends? Do let us know your thoughts and do not forget to comment.

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