Flipkart Rolls Out Metronaut to Dominate Men’s Fashion

Online marketplace and e-commerce giant Flipkart has rolled out “Metronaut,” a personal label in fashion and accessories for men, as a fraction of its venture into personal labels across groups. The company plans on rolling out various personal labels in fashion, furniture, and decor at the forefront of the beginning of the Festive Sale Season.

“Fashion for men is a leading section for us making almost 60% by income of overall fashion sales. Fashion for women is for now contributing for 40% of the revenue. There is a sturdy brand play in the sub-category of Rs 1,000,” claimed Vice President of Flipkart Fashion, Rishi Vasudev.

Flipkart Rolls Out Metronaut to Dominate Men's Fashion

The label presently has a range of t-shirts, denims, and shirts as well as accessories such as wallets, belts, and sunglasses. It will be expanded to include other goods such as backpacks and footwear. For Flipkart, footwear for men is amid the bets-selling sections.

The company rolled out a private label for women in the category of ethnic wear previously this month. As a brand, Metronaut will be sold by a sole seller, RetailNet that has outsourced the production.

“We think that the brand will have a superior sell owing to lesser returns as we have ensured that the sizing is standardized paired with better quality checks, and therefore fewer discounting to wipe stocks. Also, the cost of supply chain will witness a sharp decline. We will upgrade our styles within every 2 months,” claimed Vasudev.

This comes near to a year since close rival Amazon India rolled out Symbol, its personal label of fashion and clothing for men. Online fashion vendor Myntra, which is a fraction of the Flipkart group, has also been aimed on expanding the personal label venture to gain profitability by the end of fiscal year 2017–2018.

Having said this, it is quite clear that Flipkart is progressing day by day. The various mergers and acquisitions are the evidence of its growth. And with the launch of Metronaut, the personal brand for fashion and clothing for men, Flipkart aims to gain more profit. Let us see if this will be success or not.

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