Germany All Set Up To Defend Against Possible G20 Cyber Attacks

Germany is binding itself for likely cyber attacks on G20 summit conducted next week in Hamburg by groups or cells of hacker connected to overseas governments. This information was given by Germany’s top cyber official to the media. President of Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) of Germany, Arne Schoenboehm, claimed that administrators had installed a 24/7 special command center to safe guard in opposition to such attacks, similar to as it was planning for any physical violence.

Germany All Set Up To Defend Against Possible G20 Cyber Attacks

“We are planning intensively for each form of objection,” Schoenboehm claimed to the media in an interview. “As the nationwide cyber security firm, we are worried about everything from groups like Lulzsec and Anonymous to persistent threats that might be preparing political disputes utilizing cyber attacks.”

Schoenboehm claimed that the agency had no specific data about these attacks, but had been functioning supposed penetration tests to make sure the security of computer systems involved when the leaders of the 20 main economies meet next month. A huge number of cyber experts were on standby to react to any attack, he confirmed. Almost 20,000 police with horses, dogs, and helicopters will be arranged in Hamburg to deal with thousands of anticipated protesters.

Schoenboehm claimed that the government has understood people might protest. “You do not have to come in from 1,000 Kilometers or 100 Kilometers,” he said. “In cyber world, you just commence programming. That’s quicker as compared to the real world.” He claimed that German cyber administrators remained and had been in close touch with their equivalents in other G20 nations, comprising the U.S. to safe guard surveillance cameras, computer systems, and other security tools.

In September, Germany will conduct national elections. A Russian hacker group, dubbed as APT 28, which the experts say has connections to the Government of Russian, is supposed to be the brainchild behind these attacks on the German political parties, parliament, and think tanks. Schoenboehm claimed that the attacks were on going with a certain aim to get data that could be utilized to hamper the election.

Well, let us see if Germany will be successful in defending against these attacks in future.

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