NASA: Finished Heat Shield Testing for Future Mars Vehicles

NASA has successfully completed key heat shield tests for the coming exploration spacecraft’s that may scout the Red Planet for signs of life. NASA’s Adaptive Deployable Entry and Placement Technology (ADEPT) is a mechanically-deployable heat shield conception using carbon fabric – a versatile heat shield that expands to “open” like an umbrella. Newly, engineers at NASA’s Ames center in Silicon Valley, California successfully completed heating imitation testing of ADEPT model beneath conditions similar to entering the Martian atmosphere. Throughout the

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NASA on Mission to Develop a Star Trek ‘Tractor Beam’

The Tractor beam is a device which has ability to attract one object to another from a distance. Using Star Trek ‘tractor beam’ one satellite can attract another or drive them apart from each other. This project may still be a few years away from practical use, but scientists from NASA have developed a real tractor beam, like the ones highlighted in the ‘Star Trek’ TV series and movies. According to the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, this technology

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NASA: New Horizons Probe will provide Pluto Data to Earth

The mission team has begun the intensive down linking of the massive data the spacecraft gathered and stored on its digital recorders. Seven weeks after New Horizons sped past the Pluto system to study the new world. The process for entire down liking taking about one year to complete, which started on 5 Sept. the study of Pluto system will provide us different types of collection data like images, spectra and others information. Therefore researcher understands the origin and the

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New Malware Designed to Protect Networks: Quick Heal

Quick Heal has developed new malware sample that can be used for sandbox protection in computers of different companies, said by security software maker. Malware sample APT-QH-4AG15 designed to protect networks with high security. It can cure infected networks. It also has several anti-sandbox tricks implemented within it, said by Quick Heals Chief Technology Officer Sanjay Katkar. Malware is an umbrella term used to refer to a variety of forms of hostile or intrusive software, including computer viruses, worms and

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K-12 Classrooms Developed By Emerging Technology

Emerging technology is fundamentally transforming institutions and systems, especially classrooms for well education. K-12 students developing robots in their marker spaces, IT professionals are developing the infrastructure required to stay up with latest technology. Design digital classrooms to discover technology in that primarily focused on initiative like having laptop for every student. Also implementing new techniques to provide best education, so emerging technologies transforms the traditional classrooms into digital classrooms. By research, kids leering techniques were different from past generation

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