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Disaster Recovery With EaseUS

There is a “warning” on your computer screen about some wrack-up about to happen suchlike system breakdown, hard disk failure, data forfeit and other major issues that can shut down the computer completely. Don’t be taken aback this can lead to make the computer dead and loose all the important data and information. Organisations and individuals don’t pay attention to such botheration and suffer hefty loss of data. If there are warnings like disk failure or system reboot then pay

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Important Points to Consider During PCB Design

Electronic is a very complicated and serious thing. Before working in this direction, you need a very long time to learn, to get a good experience and special skills. If you do nothing in this sense, it is better not to intervene. But there are people who are gifted and do interesting things like bonding, soldering and playing around with all sorts of electronic devices and cables, in a word. You look today for these and other professionals at some

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Follow Me Tech: Drones That Can Float Behind You Wherever You Go

Drones just get better and better each year. The Follow-Me feature that appeared on drones in 2015, while it was a modest advance in the technical sense, made a lot of magical ideas possible. With Follow-Me, you can get your bicycle on a mountain trail, get on a surfboard out in the ocean or even just go on a jog down your street. Your drone follows you at a set distance, shooting high-definition video all the time. It’s like you

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Read About Kodi- Why You Must Install It Right Now?

Kodi has been in tremendous demand over the last few years. Since the inception of the Android TV there has been huge number of people has installed Kodi to make life better.  Beating all the rumours, Kodi has become one of the most sought after media player in recent time. Well, you would be more than happy to know that Kodi is legal and free to install. This media player is not only for Android TV but you can access

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Use of Technology In Different Fields

People often use the word technology, but what actually is it? Mankind has always tried to make things simpler for them. And, every development in the field of technology has contributed to some or other thing. Whether you think of something as simple as using a geyser or water heater, it is a great technology which has eased the power of heating water, when previously only gas was a means to heat it. People use technology in every next moment

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The Source and Meaning Of Tech Debt Makes It Invisible

Technical debt is a silent and invisible killer of a software company as no one can pinpoint the source of it. Therefore, the meaning and definition of it is also not clear to most of the business owners. It is just a metaphor which becomes dangerous in the future if it is left unattended and unaddressed for a long time. It may become inflexible due to the specialization of the developers who ship first time code in haste which leads

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Understand the Concept of Technical Debt

Technical team largely stands on the innovation and agility capacity of the dev team.  A bigger technical debt means you need to put higher efforts to allocate the right maintenance to the disadvantages of the additional value of the new spec delivered. A tech debt indicator highlights the right gap of the app artifacts, in respect to the requirements of the product quality (like maintainability, reliability, efficiency, robustness, safety, etc.) and the unconventionalities discovered in the assignment. To understand the

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Correction of Faulty Codes Can Help In Managing Tech Debt

There may be times in your business as a software company when you do not have much time in hand but have to release a project to survive in the business. But such hasty and early release can lead to technical debt, and in due course of time, you may not even have time to go back and clear the code to make it perfectly functional once again. Sometimes there may be other reasons as well like the use of

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