45,000 jihadists killed in past 2 years

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Washington:  Top general said on Wednesday, nearly 45000 jihadists have been killed in Iraq and Syria since the US-led operation started to beat the Islamic State group began two years ago.

Lieutenant General Sean MacFarland, who commands the US-led coalition campaign against IS said, approximately over the past 11 months, we have killed nearly 25000 enemy fighters where 20000 previously killed.

MacFarland said; over all remaining strength vary from 15,000 to 30,000, but jihadists also increasing their power to restore their ranks.

Number of fighter has diminished quantity but also in quality, we can even easily target them, MacFarland told Pentagon reporters via a videocall from Baghdad.

Official also calculate approximately IS has lost 25000 square kilometers of the territory in self declared “caliphate” in Iraq and Syria.

The US-led military attempt against the Islamic State group started exactly two years ago, aimed at disjointed the jihadists as they move across Iraq and Syria.

MacFarland was positive by the ultimate recapture of Mosul in Iraq and Raqa in Syria, saying it would indication of the “beginning of the end” of the campaign.

But observer have horrible the rapidity of the war, which got off to a slow start and, despite more than 14,000 air strikes and an intense effort to train partner forces, still has not routed IS from much of its territory.

MacFarland, who has headed the US-led coalition for almost a year, said he had seen major progress.

MacFarland said, “You don’t hear the word ‘stalemate’ anymore. That’s because over the past year with our partners, we were able to snatch the initiative,” “we spend more time thinking about what we will do to the enemy than we spend thinking about what the enemy might do to us.”

Experts want ultimate collapse of IS, but the jihadists are fighting back to launch attacks across the globe and are likely to continue for years as a terrorist organization.

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