Advanced Tech Non-Volatile Light-Based Memory Chips

Non-Volatile Light-Based Memory Chips
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Non-Volatile Light-Based Memory ChipsWorlds 1st developed memory chip based on non-volatile light, which is introduced by a team of scientists. It can store data permanently and also helps to improve computing speed.

The latest non-volatile memory uses the GST phase change material. To store data, that used in rewritable CDs and DVDs. Material is used in this chips are assume an amorphous state such as  glass or a crystalline state, metals, by using either electrical or optical pulses.

In this technology concentrated pulses of light passed through the waveguide can carefully change the state of the phase change material. Professor Harish Bhaskaran (Oxford University’s department of materials.) said,” latest techniques used to developed this memory chips and added new functionality using proven existing materials”.

These optical bits can be written with frequencies of up to 1 GHz and could provide large bandwidths. This is the kind of ultra fast data storage that modern computing needs,” he mentioned. Transmission speed of computers between processor and memory is slow, so purpose of to develop this type of chip to provide faster speed.

They are particularly interested in developing a new kind of electro-optical interconnect, which will allow the memory chips to directly interface with other components using light, rather than electrical signals. Professor Wolfram Per-nice from University of Munster said, this device enables read and write to thousands of bits at once also providing virtually unlimited bandwidth”,

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