Android Wear Smart Watches Compatible With Iphones

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Now users can able to pair Android-powered smart watches with iPhones. Ben Wood (chief of research at the consultancy CCS Insight) said that, it provides people who don’t want to pay premium price for an Apple Watch an alternative.

But one expert suggested demand would be limited because Google was only able to offer a restricted set of features. It could also appeal to people who want a smart watch that looks more like a circular-faced classical watch.

LG Watch Urbane, Motorola and the upcoming ASUS Zen Watch 2 and Huawei Watch will support ios. Features like receiving notifications about call, you get Google Now cards on the watch and message by their wrist watch. Also user can track fitness activities and able to use voice to make Google search.

Google announced that many watches will be compatible with iOS by the end of the year. Range of smart watch will be low at $150 to as much as $800. Shapes like square or round, with different materials, colors, features, and displays.

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