China to Introduce its New Hubble Space Telescope

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Chinese authorities planned to introduce an independent optical facility. The function of optical telescope will be similar to the Hubble telescope.

The advanced features added in the new telescope. Gu Yidong, technology consultant of China’s (manned space flight project and academician with the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)) said that, “The optical cabin’s field of view will be 300 times as large as that of the Hubble and it will be connected with a soon to be launched space station”.

“Presently, China is projected to develop a series of scientific research platforms and facilities for the space station. The optical cabin is the biggest confirmed project so far,” he added.

The ability of the telescope is about 2 metres, and its resolution is near that of the Hubble. The optical cabin is expected to conduct heterochromatic photometry and slitless spectroscopy sky surveys.

The cabin will stay in orbit along with the space station. At the time of maintance, cabin will connect to the station.

China’s space station is projected to be developed in 2020 which will be used for a wide variety of research.

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