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Dr. Mahesh Patwardhan
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Dr. Mahesh PatwardhanAt a time in his life when his career was flourishing and he was concentrating on his achievement a wave of music swept past his feet which he had left behind as a kid of 10.

After beginning his concerts for ORGY he started recording for Ashatai Bhosale. This experience made a relation that lasted long. She would meet the Patwardhans every time she came to London.

The journey had just began..

He hosted the pundit Hridaynath Mangeshkar who stayed with Dr Mahesh Patwardhan with his entire family. Not everyone has same point of view on many topics. Differences exists. The same happened between the two. But it only closened their relation.

Sunil Gavaskar is known to one and all. Meeting him at the European Marathi Sammelan was a great pleasure and       Dr Patwardhan was supposed to interview him there. They bonded and met up often after that. Sometimes our closeness to certain individuals makes up forget how big a personality they are in the outside world. The same happened here but the humble personality of Mr Gavaskar did not dither their relation and kept the bond going.

If such great acquaintances are not all for a life the list did not meet its boundaries.

Ajit Tendulkar was a classmate to Dr Patwardhan from Balmohan Vidyamandir. He released an album for Prof Ramesh Tendulkar at one of the Garja Maharashtra Maza functions. A  lot of bonding happened with Sachin Tendulkar ,Nitin and Ajit as well.

Sachin Khedekar ,Sonalee Kulkarni , Sachin Pilgaokar , Avadhoot , Ajay Atul are others feathers to the list! A supportive family builds strong pillars and takes you places. We clearly see that with this family here and great children to add to their fathers pride. Kudos.

Life has a different level of satisfaction when we see our children grow successfully or choose the right paths. It brings about a sense of self esteem and pride. Natasha and Ved born to Dr Amruta Mahesh Patwardhan are clearly their pride and dignity.

A quiet girl by nature but academically very strong. She was rather quiet in her childhood and as many children do, she joined medicine just like parents. In a very short while she realised that she was not meant to be a doctor and changed her stream from medicine to finance. She did her degree in finance and is currently doing her masters in Nottingham University.

Like its is said.. Music runs in the genes.. She has a sweet voice and sings beautifully.

Ved their son is a kind of son a father calls his pride. He is intelligent, honest and trustworthy. Someone with passion and skills for sports in fields of cricket, table tennis, golf, skiing and badminton. He has finished his Cumon earlier and is working as an instructor since the age of 14.

Children of such calibre and independence bring along with them a sense of responsibility. It will not be shocking to see if they also grow up and have the same give back attitude to help and support the society in their own way. Way to go…

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