If elected Trump wish to build a grand ballroom in the White House

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Trump said, he would like to build grant ball room inside the White House for which he was going to pay $100 million, White House has not been responded yet.

“I would have a ballroom. I offered to build a ballroom, they turned it down,” Donald Trump said at a town hall in Columbus in Ohio.

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump he wish to build giant ball room inside the White House which can accommodate 1,000 people for state dinner and parties once he elected.

He said,” I was going to build ball room in white house for $100 million, because tent is not that good, not even safe. He added, If elected, Trump said he would grab that offer.

“If I were president, somebody offered that, I’d say, give me the top five American architects in the US. Get them over here. All of you, come up with a ballroom that holds 1,000 people, 1,000 people, and they’ll come up, and one of them will be beautiful, and we’ll build it,” he said.

“I’ll take the guy’s money. Believe me, I promise, somebody wants to build a ballroom at the White House. They turned me down. No interest, because that’s the way the country is,” Trump said.

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