First 3D Printed Headphones by V-MODA

3D Printed Headphones by V-MODA
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3D Printed Headphones by V-MODA

World’s first 3D printed headphones has launched by V- MODA. Custom-designed headphones in India with ties up with Indian distributor Ferrari Video and its retail brand Headphone Zone.

V-MODA has been at the forefront of conveyance custom headphones to shoppers with laser carved shields for years currently. It’s reinventing itself yet again with the introduction of custom 3D printed shields in an exceedingly type of materials such as fiber, stainless-steel, raw, plated and precious metals like solid gold platinum. Inspired and sculpted in V-MODA’s structure studio in Milano, the  3D printed headphones & 3D shields are created in NYC and also the USA

People can buy their headphones on headphone zone website for that select the base headphones and then select 3Dshield material of choice after that select their design and/or monogram or by sending their custom designs to Headphone Zone.

Selling price at Sterling Silver: Rs 28,000 for on-ear, 42,000Rs for over-ear shield kits; Solid Gold: Rs 2, 60,000 – 3, 60,000 for on-ear, Rs 5, 90,000 – 8, 40,000 for over-ear; platinum at Rs 7, 80,000 – 10, 40,000 for on-ear, Rs 17, 60,000 – 2600,000 for over-ear. All metals providing include a lifetime warranty on the headphones.

Provided in raw brass and raw bronze that patina over time as well as brilliant rhodium plated, 14k gold plated and 14k rose gold plated range at Rs 13,500 – 22,000 for on-ear, Rs 36,000 – 42,000 for over-ear shield kits

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