India gets Android Apps at Lower Cost

India gets Android Apps at Lower Cost
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India gets Android Apps at Lower CostNow in India the apps for your smart phones are available at cheap rate. Google has reduced the price of the application for more market.

According to experts, the Google has lowered the price of Android Apps to remain in competition. Globally the market is full of the varieties of new technology and it become hard to maintain the one trend in market. So, to Google took decision to reduce the cost of the Apps and remain in role for longer time.

Google wish that this scheme works and exist in the line of corporate world. As India is one of the most populated countries, the market of Smart phones and technical gadgets has been rapidly grown. Google decided to move to Indian market for it sell.

As the average income of Indian people is typically low, this scheme could help to people to purchase the most popular Apps on their Smart Phones and it will help the developers to reach out more and more people easily.

Largely market has been covered by the Android handset manufactures companies like Intex, Samsung and Micromax. Now, as the Smart Phones in market is available at lower cost similar to this, the other platform may also grow if the values of Apps keep on declining.

If the Android Apps will be available at cheap price more customers will rush to this and it may encourage to the developers to continue with the Android technology.

The two analyst companies declared the published data of sales of Smart Phone in China. One of the most big handset manufacturers in market is declining. So to recover this decline the selling more android based Smartphone in India is necessary.

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