New Invention Breath Turns into Words- Helps to Paralysis Victim to Speak

New Invention Breath Turns into Word
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New invention in medical device that transforms paralysis patient’s breath into speech has been developed by researchers, including one of Indian-origin.

New Invention Breath Turns into Word

The device developed by researchers from Loughborough University analyses. It changes in breathing patterns and converts ‘breathe signals’ into words using pattern recognition software and an A TO D converter.

Speech synthesizer used to read word aloud. The Augmentative and Alternate Communication (AAC) device is developed for patients with complete or partial loss of voluntary muscle control who don’t have the ability to make purposeful movements such as sniffing or blinking – gestures which previous AAC devices have come to rely upon.

It allows the user to control how patient wishes to communicate. And it’s depending on speed of breathing. Communicate effectively by varying speed of breathe.

The academics have been joined in the project by Dr. Atul Gaur, Consultant Anesthetist at Glenfield Hospital, and Loughborough mechanical engineering student Robert Green, who will work on the device as part of his final year individual project.

Kerr said that, a system that learns with the user to form an effective vocabulary that suits the person rather than the machine. AAC device analog signals to recognize words and then covert it into digital forms for greater speed advantages because more information can be collected in a shorter space of time,” he said. Success rate 97.5% recorded.

Gaur says, this device could transform the way people with severe muscular weakness or other speech disorders communicate.

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