Applications of a T-slotted Aluminum Framing System

T-slotted Aluminum Framing System
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The introduction of robotics in manufacturing has made it so that much more precise and faster machines are being built, which means they have higher speeds and more precise equipment needs. For instance, there can be high-speed screw driving motors moving screws from one machine to the next at very high speeds, making a mechanical extruder able to go from a stationary position into a print head going at an extremely fast rate. To accommodate these new types of equipment, you need higher grade aluminum, better machining equipment, and more precision in building these assemblies to ensure safety. That is where t-slot aluminum framing systems come into play. Here are five popular applications:

T-slotted Aluminum Framing System

Roofing and wall cladding

A t-slotted aluminum framing system is a versatile material used in both roofing and wall cladding. With a thickness of 55mm, the product meets the requirements for roofing purposes, while 70mm makes it an option to use as a robust wall cladding solution.

The modular design of this product allows for easy expansion or reduction to accommodate any size project from small dwelling units to large commercial buildings. Transportation costs are kept low because sections can be carried by hand without special equipment. Minimum fixings are required as the optimum fixing method is to tap screws into pre-punched holes. For a complete building structure, coupling corners and couplers allow you to safely complete the job with a strong structure.


Using prefabricated aluminum wall panels can make it easier for you to have a beautiful outdoor area in your home. Curved pergolas are one type of structure that is typically difficult to build without the help of professionals or expensive equipment. Using prefabricated aluminum walls can save money by allowing you to cut costs associated with paying someone else to do the work. The t-slotted system can create structures ranging from small decorative gazebos to large spacious cabanas for outdoor relaxation.

Window sills

T-slotted aluminum framing is a suitable material for window sills. The smooth surface, sturdy construction, and rust resistance are excellent features in high-quality window sills.  Due to its corrosion-resistant properties, you can use it outdoors and indoors.

Roofing accessories

You can use the t-slot system to create the parapet wall on the roof’s edge or support fascia boards, soffits, and guttering systems. Further, companies such as Minitec Extrusion provide these products in various sizes, with an aluminum thickness of 55mm for roofing purposes and 70mm for structural strength.

Boat storage buildings

A boat storage building is often made ​​from wood, which is not always the best option. Even though strong, natural materials are used for this type of structure, they can rot or be eaten over time by pests that live in moist environments. T-slotted aluminum framing offers a solution to this problem because it can easily resist water and other elements. Further, this material does not retain moisture, so it will not be damaged from prolonged exposure between water and air.

The t-slotted system has endless possibilities for use for different building purposes. Apart from its high-strength properties, you do not have to worry about corrosion problems because these products have a unique patent-pending protective coating with a warranty against rust.

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