Facebook cracks down on clickbait

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Facebook is further spreading its wings, changing its News Feed algorithm to reduce the amount of clickbait that users see. It’s probably no surprise that people do not like clickbait headlines. To fix the pervasive problem, Facebook’s algorithm will start playing editor to your News Feed in the coming weeks.

Facebook’s updated algorithm will quash stories with headlines that deliberately withhold key information — a tactic publishers have employed to drive clicks and digital ad dollars and something Facebook’s users have complained about.

Facebook’s updated strategy which comes less than two months after the company announced it would prioritize user generated content over publisher posts  is sure to have big implications for global newsrooms, which are increasingly at the mercy of social media to drive traffic to their websites.

When it comes to the type of content that users like to engage with on Facebook, both new media and traditional media have seen success, so Facebook’s new algorithmic changes could have wide-ranging implications for media companies, both large and small.
Facebook is making these changes to please users, because happy users stay engaged and see more ads, driving revenue.

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