U.S. internet speed hits a milestone

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For the first time ever, average download speeds for broadband users exceeded 50 Mbps this year, according to Speedtest’s latest report. The top speed of 54.97 Mbps was reached in June, up 42% from a year ago a milestone that makes it 1,000 times faster than dial up.

For reference, Netflix recommends a 25 Mbps connection to stream ultra HD quality video. Upload speeds improved even more (51%) to an average of 18.88 Mbps, making Skype and Facetime calls much smoother, too.

When Speedtest examined the major internet service providers, it found that Comcast offered the fastest download speeds, while Verizon customers experienced the fastest upload speeds.

But even though internet speeds are getting faster in the U.S., there’s still room for improvement especially in terms of access. High speed broadband is still more readily available near city hubs, leaving rural areas with slower speeds.


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