The Himalayans Royal Enfield Prices Are Starts At 1.55 Lakhs

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The prices of the Royal Enfield Motor Bike of the Himalayans are starts at the 1.55 lakhs. The Himalayan Royal Enfield power is to have the single cylinder, the Air Cooled Engine (ACE) with the SOHC (single Over Head Camshaft), 411CC and the Counter balance. These features are helps to boost the power of the Himalayans Royal Enfield Motor bike. The power train was to claim the refined Himalayans Royal Enfield motor bike. This can offers the best performance to who can use this motor bike. These are several best features are available for the Himalayans Royal Enfield. This will helps to increase the performances and the efficiency of the Himalayans Royal Enfield.

The Royal Enfield motor bike is first discovered at the 19th century. Now the Himalayans Royal Enfield was newly designed for this year. The features and the performance of this bike are similar to the performances of the 19 the century Royal Enfield Motor bike. This will include several advanced and the effective features. Nowadays most of the men want to use the Royal Enfield motor bike. The five speed stable Mesh gear box is coupled to this Himalayans Royal Enfield motor bike. This Himalayans Royal Enfield can use the 24.5bhp engine church at the 6500 RPM speed and the highest torque range of this Himalayans Royal Enfield is 32 NM at the 4000 to 4500 RPM.

The Himalayans Royal Enfield off road version has the features is to mounts for the jerry cans for both the sides of fuel tank. This can also have the extended careers and the spoken wheels.  These features are available for the regular version of the Himalayans Royal Enfield off road. The Himalayans Royal Enfield is to be building on the single tube chassis. This will be design for the new models and this can be inspiration for the company of the Himalayans Royal Enfield flagships the motor bike continental GT.

This can have the specifications of round head lamps, spatter guard, continental fuel tank, rear seat, round shaped mirror, black color engine, 17 inch rear wheel and the other specifications. The Himalayans Royal Enfield off road version has the adjustable wind shield and the other important features. The tyre of the Himalayans Royal Enfield will be completely different compared to the normal motor bikes. The seats contain the large space for the comfortable drive.

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