The Idiot’s Guide to Exercising with Spin Bikes – The Right Way

spin bikes reviews Fitness
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Any fitness training regime is incomplete without best spin bikes as it gives complete workout of the body. Working out with the Spin bike gives strong muscles and fit body. But before that, you need to know how to set up the Spin bike properly for best workout. If the Spin bike is not set up properly, it may lead to some of the common problems like back pain, knee pain or even pain in the neck or foot. So, here are the ways to set up the Spin bike before starting the workout.

spin bikes reviews Fitness

Adjusting position of the Spin bike

The Spin bikes position should be adjusted according to your riding for maximum comfort. It will affect the riding efficiency as well. Make all the specific adjustments for complete comfort and so that it suites your riding style.

Adjusting the seat

The seat specification should be perfect to support your body and as it will take your whole weight, the seat angle should be best for ultimate comfort. For example, if the seat is tilted upward, it can result in pressure points and lead to pain while downward tilt can result in extra pressure on the arms while working out. The height of the seats has also to be adjusted so that, after gearing up with shoes and riding shorts, the knee has to extend completely in the lowermost position. You can also adjust the seat in the forward or backward position according to your requirements for most comfort while working out. Making the workout comfortable increases the efficiency while on the other hand, if the body is not completely relaxed and allowed to move freely, it can result in problems due to over stress on any portion.

Adjust the handle bars

The handle bars should be adjusted for perfect use and so that the riding becomes comfortable. They should obscure the axle of the front wheel. If the handle bars are not adjusted properly, you may suffer from neck pain if they are too high, or shoulder pain if they are too low. Even if they are too far or too close, you may suffer from a hand or back pain. So, adjusting the handle bars is required before working out with the Spin bike.

Adjust the pedal clips, resistance and warm up

Well, you can clip in your feet after wearing the cycling shoes on the pedals of the Spin bike and that will help to make the work out smooth one. You can easily pedal and that will increase your efficiency of the pedal strokes as well. You can also adjust the intensity of work out and the speed. Now, you have to warm up a bit before going on to work out which includes the psychological as well as the physiological preparations for the work out. It includes the flow of blood into the muscles which are worked upon and also reduces the chances of any injury during the work out or any stiffness of the muscles.

Avoiding injury

  • Knee pains are mainly caused by improper placing of the seat and using high gear. Place the seat at the perfect position and also use a gear at 70 to 100 strokes per minute.
  • Long bikes or low handle bars can cause neck pain as they lay more stress on the spine.
  • Numbness in the foot or pain can be caused if you use soft shoes. The riding shoes have hard sole and that helps the pressure to be distributed evenly. Using too high gears can also cause foot numbness or pain.

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