LED Technology Gets Cheaper, Better and More Efficient

LED Technology
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LED TechnologyZhibin Yu, Professor of the Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering at the Florida State University and his group has worked on anew solution to bring down the cost of production of light emitting diodes (LEDs). The new LED technology uses both inorganic and organic materials which can be applied like paint. The most concerning issue it solves is that the traditional methods require about four to five layers of the material for making of the coveted product. Yu and his team’s technology reduce the quantity of layers to only one.

The development directly results into lowering the expense of manufacturing LEDs. You might be aware that the expense of LEDs has been the biggest deterrent in the broad reception of the LEDs. The LED bulbs have been known to offer huge energy savings over the traditional lighting systems and with the new assembling enhancements; Yu trust that it can revolutionize the industrial and private lighting technology.

LED TechnologyThe use of LEDs over regular incandescent bulbs is being advanced everywhere throughout the world.  LED Lighting is used for external as well as internal application. An LED is a semiconductor light source used for a backlighting, general lighting. The United States Department of Energy notes that the residential lighting that uses LED technology brings down the energy utilization by about 75%.

The research work has brought Prof. Yu an award from the US National Science Foundation. Yu and his group will now continue to research the technology. One of the objectives for the research will be to make stretchable, dynamic network natural LED screens.More information can be obtained from the source link mentioned below.

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