Top innovations made in 2015

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Top innovations made in 2015Reusable space rockets

The reusable rockets would significantly decrease the cost of space missions that average around $1.5 billion (roughly Rs. 9,936 crores) per launch. In response, Bezos got to twitter to mention in an exceedingly nervy manner “Welcome to the club!” Not specifically Russia and therefore the U.S. with the 60’s, however it seems a space race is so on.

Virtual reality shift toward the mainstream

the release of various developer editions from Facebook get Oculus and Samsung, early adopters were finally able to obtain their hands on the first high-end virtual reality product in the form of the Samsung Gear VR ($99), launched in November.

Blood tests with less pain

In May, Tasso got a $3 million (roughly Rs. 19 crores) DARPA grant to additional development on HemoLink, an experimental device that relies on a unique method, rather than needles, to draw a little amount of blood for testing.

In june, At Columbia University in New York, a team of researchers had developed a DNA-based blood test that can detect every virus a person.

Increase battery storage

In April to launched Power-wall, a home battery system designed to store and supply solar energy.

The Power wall unit is starts at $3,000 for the 7 kWh capacity versions. Once the cost of installation and other necessary components like a DC-AC inverter, however it’s less expensive than other rechargeable home battery systems with the expectation that costs for manufacturing and Tesla Energy’s technology.

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